Our purpose is to democratize access to credit so that small and medium-sized businesses can grow sustainably.

Finplace is a financial marketplace that connects financial institutions willing to trade transparently to companies looking for fast money to increase their working capital.

We were born to bring more credit options small and medium-sized enterprises. 






4.1 billion

in credit volume



375 million



+ 1800





it works

The business requests credit and decides what rates they would like to pay before starting the negotiation.



The business chooses up to 4 financial institutions to negotiate with.



An online, real-time negotiation

as the negotiation cards begin.

The winner sends the payment confirmation to the business and that is it!




Benefits for


▶︎All your financiers in the same place

Negotiate with a variety of financial

institutions and rank their performance.

▶︎Zero Cost

All your financial opportunities are free.


Know exactly what they are charging you.

▶︎Centralized Registration

You only have to register your documents once.

Benefits for

Financial Institutions

▶︎Pay per operation

Commercial Sheet - Exchange your fixed costs for a variable one. Save up to 70% in each operation. Increase your gain.

▶︎Don't waste

time prospecting

Gain access to an universe of businessess wanting your services, so that you can focus on credit intelligence.

▶︎Stay competitive

in the business

Know your potential and remain competitive in your market. Stay relevant in the business.



In 1 year of existence, Finplace grew by 13.850%, reaching over 1.800 registered customers.

Our Products

Anticipation of Receivables

An efficient way for you to get cash and boost your business! How it works: with just a few clicks, you use our credit marketplace to request advance invoices for amounts you would receive only in the future via invoices or duplicates, for example.

Unsecured Loan

Stay in charge and get your unsecured loan very easily. You don't need to use your car, house, or duplicates as collateral to negotiate credit lines at Finplace. Isn’t that great? With this credit facility, you have the flexibility to opt for installments that do not hinder your cash flow. That's because it's up to you to decide which payment dates are best. Here's how simple it is:

Supply Chain Finance

More payment time for you and your suppliers with accounts up-to-date with payments due. At Finplace, you get credit facilities that generate benefits for your business and immediate revenue for your supplier. This is because our platform allows your suppliers to anticipate invoices issued against your company in a simple, fast and secure way.

And best of all? It’s free!

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